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Compliance Statement

Itqan Capital is a Saudi closed joint stock investment company under CR no.4030167335 with paid-up capital SAR 111,229,140 licensed by the Capital Market Authority as per license no. 07058-37 issued on 9th of April, 2007.

Itqan Capital has achieved further progress and success in compliance with the Capital Market law, and all implementing regulations and of rules and regulations governing the work of securities issued by the Capital Market Authority.

Have been conceived and plan of action deliberate and specific methodology for building a culture of compliance, and through the appropriate mechanisms to ensure the company's ability to continue in a permanent compliance and effective system and its implementing regulations and increase the effectiveness of the procedures and internal controls, and building a culture of governance, and establish rules of professional conduct, for the full compliance to the provisions of regulation market conduct.

Corporate Governance
Itqan Capital is to reconcile the system of principles and basic rules, standards, and policies governing the management of the company, and to allow the governing council to exercise a broader way to achieve the objectives of the company and maximize shareholder returns, and the protection of their rights and protect the rights of stakeholders.

Is to develop mechanisms comply with the provisions of Islamic law in full, so that all operations and activities of the company in accordance with Islamic principles. Are also envisaged the highest degree of wisdom and a proper appreciation and application of the highest ethical standards as well as full compliance with the spirit and provisions of the regulations governing the activity of the company as well as full adherence to the policies established by the company, and put all the procedures necessary for the preparation of financial reports and information relating to the accounts of investment to be presented to the owners of those accounts in a transparent manner and appropriate and timely, with the development of all the mechanisms that enable the investment account holders to monitor their accounts.

Risk Management
Itqan Capital’s strategy is aimed towards maintaining a strong culture of risk management and management of the relationship between risks and benefits through and through each of the activities of the company is beset with significant risks. Has been designed risk management policies with the company to identify and analyze these risks in order to develop appropriate controls and control risks through a system of information and by policies approved by the Board of Directors.

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